Camil Bindiu - Cavnic mayoral candidate - Social media strategy / campaign

Which is the perfect strategy to increase the awareness of a political candidate on social media?

Case Study: Developing the ideal communication strategy to increase awareness in a social media platform for Camil Bindiu, candidate for mayor of Cavnic


Although he doesn't have a political affiliation, Camil Bindiu has a fierce desire to make a substantial change for his hometown Cavnic. The sense of fairness, social verticality and infinite love for this land determined him to candidate for the Mayor position. All these qualities acquired over time will help him to ensure a better city management and a substantial improvement in every sector of society. Among its main objectives includes infrastructure improvement, business environment development, detailed attention to the education progress of young generations and last but not least, conservation and protection of heritage assets.


One of the most important challenges presented by the client was his desire to communicate powerful messages to his audience in a clear and efficient way, without being misunderstood. Due to the fact that a large part of the people with the right to vote express their opinion online and communicate with certain candidates using social networks, this step was absolutely necessary in our strategy. Given that our client's main audience is mostly present on Facebook, we adapted the communication strategy according to this platform.

Clear, concise and impactful messages must be part of any candidate's strategy, but a common problem is encountered when they fail to reach the target audience. Thus, another problem encountered by our client was the impossibility of transmitting the information to many voters.


We carefully analyzed each detail, every requirement and all the encountered problems by our client and we started creating an online communication strategy adapted to the chosen social network. Depending on the needs of the client and the type of the transmitted information, the content is divided into the following categories: interaction, information or transmission of a message.

In addition, to further increase the number of interactions and online visibility, we created paid ads on Facebook with a well-thought-out strategy, which are reaching the target audience. They aim to debate the various topics or curiosities that potential voters have, once they interacted with our client posts.


Following the implementation and adherence of this communication strategy on social media, the visibility of each message posted online by the mayoral candidate Camil Bindiu has increased considerably. A large number of users began to interact with the published content, and moreover many of them found answers to their curiosities. Last but not least, the number of likes and comments on the page has increased significantly from one post to another