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litAF in a nutshell

We’re on a mission of exploration, sense creation and human emotion generation through storytelling. We believe in the power of combining stunning design with inspiring stories in order to create a weapon that helps brands connect at a human level with all audiences. Our goal is to create experiences that determine people to talk about it. We want to make a splash, so to speak.

Magic is in the details

“Be flexible, but don’t stray away from your principles”. We work based on a set of standards and rules that we have acquired with experience. Why? Because we’ve tested them, both in success and failure. Notwithstanding the conclusion stays true: the more you engage into the details of a brand, product and experience, the more you increase the chances to stick in the mind and influence the buying decisions of your audience, directly controlling the point of action.

How we roll

We know our business, but we don’t know yours yet. And that’s good, because memorable experiences can be achieved only by building strong relationships while enjoying good coffee in the late hours, either in the office or out of it.

What we do

We build relationships

We have fun

We deliver results on time

We exceed expectations

We work as a team

What we don't do

We don't say no to good coffee

We don’t fax

We don’t work for free

We don't accept impossible deadlines

We don't sacrifice quality

How do we work

We meet up
We ask you questions
We draw inspiration from your answers
We build the frame of your story
We place your story wherever your public is
We measure the impact